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Thorsen's Surrogate Foundation, Inc.

Services Provided

The Thorsen's Surrogate Foundation, Inc. assists with Gestational (IVF) or Host Surrogacy only.

Gestational Surrogacy is where the surrogate carries a fertilized embryo created by the prospective parents or uses a donor egg from someone other than the surrogate. This requires a process called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The embryos are implanted into the uterus of the surrogate and there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the child.

The average waiting time for a surrogate has been from 3-6 months, depending upon qualifications each family is seeking. All of the potential surrogate candidates must have or have had children. The average age of the surrogates range from 20-34 years old with the majority of the surrogates being married.


Once a surrogate is selected by the prospective parents, a meeting is then arranged between the parties involved. All of our surrogate mothers receive an extensive medical screening to include a complete pre-natal physical and pap smear. They are tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The surrogates also complete a 16-page profile/ family genetic application which includes photos. The surrogate is also asked to write a short letter as to why she wants to become a surrogate and this is shared with the prospective parents. once a surrogate is selected by the prospective parents, a meeting is arranged. Both the surrogate and the potential parents are able to ask questions of each other, which will help them in their decision. If an agreement has been decided between surrogate and parent, then the foundation will start to customize a contract for them.


All surrogate mothers become involved in our group support program. Meetings are held each month, usually the second Sunday of the month, with emphasis on health, nutrition, and exercise during pregnancy. Meetings are also valuable in that they provide a strong support system and inter-group network for birth mothers during their months of pregnancy and at the time of birth of the child. This support continues as long as needed, and includes personal counseling if needed.


ur Service Providers

John Sampson, Ph.D is an Andrologist who has worked with male infertility for the past 19 years. Dr. Sampson is currently the President of The Thorsen's Surrogate Foundation. 

Mr. Mark Johnson is a licensed Attorney who devotes his practice entirely to adoption and family law. He has provided his services to clients since 1990. Mr. Johnson is a member of The Oregon State Bar and serves as an elected member of its Board of Governors.

Jim Johnson, Ph. D is a certified clinical psychologist with The American Board of Medical Psychotherapy and Dysfunctional Diagnostician and The American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of Disability Analyst. Dr. Johnson is a member of The Oregon Psychological Association and the International Neuro-Psychological Society. His services have been provided to the Foundation for 16 years.

Ms. Andrea Anderly is a licensed Attorney with practice in Family Law. She is a member of The Oregon State Bar, The Multnomah County, and Clackamas County Bar. She is also a member of the District Court.

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